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What is Nabo TV?

Simple, elegant and intutive user interface


For years media centers, DVRs, and video streaming sites have existed to watch TV and Movies. Over the past several years these services have stagnated. Though there are no shortage of media centers, they all seem to be doing pretty much the same thing. For years we have watched and longed for a more featureful interface on our TV to be able to watch the content we're looking for, and for years we have been disappointed.

This is where Nabo TV comes in. We want to bring innovation back to the TV and push the boundaries of what is currently being done, not just as a product company but as individuals who enjoy watching media on our TVs.

Some great Nabo TV features

You'll fall in love with our advanced features


Unified Sources

Integrates multiple sources, allowing you to find content across all available mediums.



Your content - the way you want to view it.



No more channel surfing. A customizable screen, allowing you to display the media most important to you.



Share and receive recommendations with all of your friends.

Parental Controls

Advanced profile functionality will allow you to specifically configure controls for your child's profile and even disable access entirely.


Find exactly what you want to watch when you want to watch it.

Beyond the Living Room

Take your experience out of the living room. Purchase movie or concert tickets and get reminders when events become available.

Complete Database

Find whatever you want to watch, rate, recommend, or tag to be notified in the future when it's available.

Auto Detect Content

Nabo TV automatically detects new content locally, on the network, or on the cloud and automatically synchronize it to your profile.

Remote Access

No longer are you bound to being in front of your TV. If you're out and hear about something you want to see, simply log into your account and add it to your watch list.

Smart Hub

Powerful community driven plugins allow the appearance and function of Nabo to be completely converted to the desires of the user.

Nabo Everywhere

Use Nabo on Windows, Mac, Linux, and even low-power devices like Raspberry Pi.

We're changing the way you use your TV.
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